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According to Lewis, the NFB repeatedly pleaded with Obomsawin to leave the encampment to protect her own safety and that of her crew.

It is through the media as Alanis proves up that we are capable of change. That is why these articles and the documentary try to get viewers to understand that certain marginalized groups exist and also have their own reality.

It is clearly shown that the Natives were the victims of white barbarism. This documentary fits into the whole theme and reality of resistance and activism in general. The military is seen using fear and intimidation tactics, suppressing press coverage and frequently breaking promises.

They simply had no choice but to resist their oppressors. We see the themes of resistance and activism, as the documentary shows us the stand-off at OKA. Other Canadian first nations pledged support and the nearby Kahnawake reserve captured a major highway bridge. It allows Indian men and women to speak for themselves.

There was an entire historical legacy to this problem, and that is why the Natives were engaged in activism and resistance. Because of the European discovery, Natives lost their land and culture. The film really opened my eyes. It is only by eradicating the process of identity construction, therefore, that will enable certain groups to free themselves, since their experiences are linked in that they are oppressed by the social order.

I look forward to watching more of your work. This tends to continue the mainstream narrative of indigenous inferiority. Thus, just as the film Kahensatake gives us the ingredients of the Native struggle, this article by Hart shows the lives of gay men who suffer from HIV.

The agency, mandated to interpret Canada to Canadians and other nations globally, has produced and distributed over 13, documentary, animation, alternative drama and digital media productions.

A testament to the strength of the human spirit. This film needs more exposure: Wuornos is being victimized because she defended her own life against would-be attackers. Overall, this is real history. If it had not been for the work of Obomsawin and other like her, it is likely that the Canadian government would have succeeded in having their narrative be the only narrative.

No, it was far deeper than that. Wuornos is being punished for defending herself. In showing us the legacy of the European conquest of the Native peoples, the documentary is able to illuminate the overall injustice that was perpetrated against Native populations.

Although the scarcity of leading questions might have threatened to make the film lose focus, the editing keeps things tight and smartly relevant. Obomsawin is of Indian heritage herself albeit a different tribebut her own vested interest is really much wider than purely first nation issues and concerns the larger scope of human rights for voiceless minorities everywhere.

This has a particular impact on those who traditionally have not had a voice. The history and traditions of Native American peoples have, for the most part, been passed down through oral traditions.

She depicts their internal struggle with balancing self-respect with survival, the fractured opinions on how to handle the situation and the difficultly in controlling feelings of anger and vengeance. In truth, while the directing and editing take a very sympathetic viewpoint, the film is not overly wrapped up in a private agenda and truly seems committed to honesty.

MatthewD, 24 Nov Watching this film makes me ashamed to be white. According to the "Alanis Obomsawin: This essay discusses how the film Kanehsatake deals with the European conquest of North America and its legacy.

One has to wonder whether the military can be too effective, especially when it removes the ability for self-analysis and self-correction through the use of individual consciences and becomes merely a tool in the hands of political and commercial powers.

Kanehsatake is a very provocative film, and Canadians should watch it, since they will see how important it is for the Natives to engage in activism and resistance for their rights. After shots were exchanged, a police emergency response team bungled the situation, firing tear gas that the wind swept back into their own position, forcing a retreat.

A local land development interest gained government approval to expand a 9-hole members-only golf course onto a burial ground and sacred pine grove belonging to the Mohawk nation, reigniting a year battle to officially regain their territory.

Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance

The Vision of a Native Filmmaker", Obomsawin was in the middle of Le Patro, a short film about a Montreal community center, when she heard news of the Oka crisis. Overall, therefore, Kanehsatake gives us a sense of history.

Students are expected to make screening notes on a total of four films screened in class. Two notes must be written on films screened in the first half of the course, two notes must be written on films screened in the second half of the course. Manifesto Point # 1: The original project idea and goals come from the community partner.

Kanehsatake Years of Resistance is arguably Alanis Obomsawin's most important film, documenting the military siege of a Mohawk reserve near Oka, Quebec, and its schmidt-grafikdesign.comor: Alanis Obomsawin.

Examine the representation of the warrior figure in two of the following: The Years of Resistance Comic Book, Kanehsatake: Years of Resistance, or alterNatives The representation of the warrior figure contrasts within The Years of Resistance Comic Book by.

Kanehsatake: Years of Resistance is a feature-length film documentary film by Alanis Obomsawin, chronicling the Oka Crisis. Jan 28,  · Kanehsatake: Years of Resistance 1h 59min | Documentary | (Canada) A film account about the military siege of a Native American reserve 8/10().

“Kanehsatake: Years of Resistance” covers the Oka Crisis, a confrontation between Mohawk Indians living on a reserve near Oka (not far from Montreal) and the Canadian military.

Kanehsatake 270 years of resistance essay writer
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